About kiko J. ellsworth

My sister! The time has come for you and your sisters to step back into your leadership role in the world and get us back on track! My mission is to support you and at least 100k females by July 2021 to be your most powerful feminine self. for you, your family, community and our entire world! Join me in the “Critical 100k Challenge” as we set out to activate females worldwide with these Essential Safety and Empowerment skills for FREE!​

“The 5 Pillars of Feminine Power and Safety” are a few of the core foundational elements from the full course “MA’AT POWHER.” This course activates the powers that often lay dormant in many females and moves her from an often disempowered identity to her fully powered and true self, a Thriver! And this is all done without learning how to throw a single punch.

What I realized after almost 2 decades of training females of all ages is that, most females I’ve encountered have a disempowering untrue world view of themselves that leaves them disconnected from accessing their full capacity as a flourishing woman. If you experience not Speaking Your Truth, Being Intimidated by Men, Shrinking Your Energy, Not Feeling Like Your Real Self in the Inside, Uptight, a Self Criticizing, Perfectionism or Overthinking then you’re Very likely not operating from your freed up, fully expressed and fully powered self.  

The beautiful gift in this, is that I’ve seen women’s light switch click on over and over again and it’s largely an internal perspective shift that catapults them to break through! You can use your Authentic Voice, Command Respect wherever you go, Set Healthy Boundaries, Know and Rely on Your True Powher to protect yourself, Be Confident yet Kind to Strangers, Be Calmer and more connected to others in your environment wherever you go and most definitely, effortlessly take up more space in the world with your natural feminine essence. 

If you’re ready to let go of the lies that the world has said for way to long about women being less than or inadequate in anyway, then let’s shift that now! Let’s start laying the foundation for the most important work of your safety and empowerment. The work that happens internally. The mental paradigms that shape us and the heart that gives us all limitless Power. 

I’m so deeply thrilled to be on this journey with you.

Your friend, your ally and your brother,



A world where women and men lead together as one. Where all females feel safe & empowered by men and the world around them. Where men are happy, healthy and whole from the inside out. The young appreciate the wisdom of the elders and the elders a grateful for the contribution of the youth. 


Our Mission is to create cinematic educational video courses, retreats, workshops, classes and high vibe narratives that Unite Men and Women in Leading Our World as One. We believe that when our personal relationships as well as communal relationships are rooted in Ma’at (Truth, Justice, Order, Balance, Harmony, Righteousness, Reciprocity) then all civilizations are able to thrive in harmony with our Mother Earth.

in their experience


When I started training, the world opened up to me. This training is not just about fighting, it goes way deeper than that. It goes to self-expression, finding your power, being, living, speaking from the depths of your power, your truth


He is one of the most incredibly grounded, respectable, divine masculine presence that I’ve ever met and in my work with him he has held space for me in a way that I’ve never experienced before. If you have the opportunity to work with him, do it, because you do not want to miss this chance. He is a rare and precious gem in our world and thank I God for Kiko.”

deborah e.

“I met Kiko at a conference where we were all seekers of wisdom and empowerment. Kiko did not hesitate to extend his support if needed to further my efforts to be a part of the solution that moves humanity to a centered grounded place with acceptance of oneness. I appreciate the authenticity and willingness of his splitting to serve mankind.”


Kiko is a warrior of the light and this man is here on Earth embodying, illuminating and spreading the light of consciousness, the light of empowerment and the light of Truth. I fully stand behind his movement to cultivate change, to empower women, to end abuse and suffering on this Earth and to raise us all up to the frequency of love. So as a woman, if you need to feel inspired, if you need to reconnect, join this movement. Connect to this light that is inside of you as Kiko Ellsworth is a warrior of the light that’s offering the bridge from fear and disempowerment, into love and full bodied empowerment.

tara crespo

“The real goal is not just to survive but to thrive and to have someone guide you, coach you, lift you up and edify and support you in how to thrive. That’s so important. He’s a real brother, a real friend.”

sara larsen

Dedicated to humanity, our planet and to elevate those making a difference! He goes the extra mile to help create the best results for those he works with!

jinnifer c.

“I’ve known Kiko for over 10 years now. I’ve worked with him and found him to be an excellent leader. He inspires you to be your best you. I highly recommend him and his services. Thank you Kiko and Family for your love and respect. I look forward to working with you more in the near future. Especially in today’s anger filled environments, we females MUST learn tools to help us fight, and fear nothing. Namaste”

mike somers

As the coordinator of all training classes here at Park Regency Realty,  I am writing this note to express how much we appreciate your many appearances here.  Your sessions are always fun and filled with “high energy.”  Your acting background has also contributed to your success.  What is especially great is that you also appear to be having a great time.  Attendance always increases when you appear.  We have had many speakers over the years and you have always been one of our favorites.